Femtosecond Yb:KY(WO4)2 diode-pumped laser

Application: treatment of materials, nonlinear optics, spectroscopy with high time resolution, the generation of terahertz radiation.

Advantages: device has a diode pumping and air-cooling which ensures its compactness and high efficiency.

Key features: source of femtosecond laser pulses operating at a wavelength of 1.04 μm with high stability of output parameters; laser pulse duration <200 fs at a repetition rate of 70 MHz; average laser power is 1.5–8 W.

Developed: Research Center for Optical Materials and Technologies, Supervisors – Prof. Dr. Nikolai Kuleshov, D.Sc. and Dr. Victor Kisel, PhD.

Tel.: +375 17 293 92 69, e-mail: vekisel@bntu.by.