Equipment for wet-heat treatment of textile materials

Application: wet-heat processing of garments in textil industry.

Advantages: low price; simplicity in service; reliability; low energy consumption; compliance with Eu­ropean standards; ecological friendly.

Key features: ironing table equipped with a built-in vacuum and pressure jet, cantilever arms, balanc­ing system and lighting. It adjustable in height. Steam may be used to provide several electric and steam irons or other devices; adjustable temperature is 0–230 °C; adjustable heating time is 0–90 seconds; press equipped with a manual pressure adjustment and the electronic thermostat to adjust the temperature of the plate and the time of bonding as well as a device designed to prevent accidental closing of the plate.

Developed: Technological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic», Supervisors – Ekaterina Alekseyeva, Sergei Golovach.

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