Equipment and technology of electric-spark wear and erosion-resistant coatings

Application: hardening and restoration of power and industrial equipment parts by applying the coating with improved physical and mechanical properties (hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, erosion resistance).

Advantages: small size and weight of the equipment and accessories; mobility of equipment and its applicability in the conditions of any legal manufacture; ability of local coating on parts; high strength of adhesion to the substrate (part); slight heating of surface part, usually does not exceed 300 °С.

Key features: coating of abrasion erosion or heat-resistant materials (thickness is 0.01–0.2 mm); coat­ing of refractory wear resistant materials (TiC, WC, CrC) (thickness is 0.1–0.5 mm).

Developed: Research Laboratory of New Materials and Technologies in collaboration with Research and Innovative Laboratory of Welding, Relative Technologies and Non-Destructive Monitoring, Supervi­sor – Dr. Vadim Sarantsev, PhD.

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