Equipment and manufacturing technology of domestic diffusion-alloyed alloys for induction cladding of coatings using metal waste from engineering enterprises

Application: development using induction surfacing of protective coatings on flat and curved surfac­es of quick-wear parts of construction, agricultural and other machinery.

Advantages: reducing the cost of protective coating due to the use of waste of machine-building enterprises (fraction, chips, etc.) at 20–80 %. The process of applying a protective coating can be car­ried out in individual, small-scale and large-scale production. Flexible control of the structure and prop­erties of the protective coating according to customer’s requirement. The possibility of additional heat treatment after hardening. Wear resistance of protective coatings under conditions of abrasive wear is 30–90 % higher than that of analogs.

Key features: the intensification of the process of diffusion alloying compared with fixed in 3–7 times. Coating structure is composite with a reinforcing phases in the eutectic matrix. Hardness of cladded pro­tective layer 55–68 HRC. Thickness of protective coating up to 5 mm.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Steel Products Hardening, Dr. Vladimir Dashkevich, PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.).

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