Energy saving technology for producing molybdenum-containing alloys

Application: economical alloying of cast iron and steel castings for critical applications.

Advantages: lack of energy consumption reduction smelting; refusal from imports of ferromolybde­num; expansion of production of quality castings from alloyed steels; the use of molybdenum-containing secondary materials and wastes.

Key features: the technology is based on out-of-furnace aluminothermic reduction process. In the composition of the mixtures are dispersed non-metallic and metallic wastes, and as a reducing agent is granular aluminum alloy, produced on a special installation, developed in BNTU. The peculiarity of the technology is reload the recovery of the mixture as it penetration in the reactor.

Developed: Research and Innovative Laboratory of Progressive Technological Processes of Melting and Resource-Saving Technologies, Dr. Anatoly Slutsky PhD, Prof. Dr. Alexander Kalinichenko D.Sc. (Doc­tor of Techn. Sci.), Victor Sheinert.

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