Energy- and saving technology of production of driving cogged belts

Application: mechanical power transmission and drives of wide range of applications ranging from aircraft and rocket production, shipbuilding to office and household appliances.

Advantages: increased load capacity and service life up to 60–70 %; reduced labor and material costs by 10–15 % compared to existing similar processes; world technical level of the drive cogged belts whith using domestic materials.

Key features: technology is based on the pressing of the billet strap with rigid elements which synchronously draw together in the radial direction. The presence of rigid elements allows to produce belts with given thickness and the required surface quality directly in the mold. The method does not require energy-intensive autoclave and grinding equipment and is implemented on a hydraulic vulcanizing presses with heated platens.

Developed: Research and Innovative Center of DriveSystems, Automotive and Tractor Faculty of BNTU, Prof. Dr. Bakhanovich A.G., D.Sc. (Doct. Techn. Sci.), Prof. Dr. Skoibeda A.T., D.Sc. (Doct. Techn. Sci.), Bakhanovich I.G., Sayevich A.V., Kozlova T.V.

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