Electronic control system for multi-stage gearbox

Application: control of mechanical multi-stage gearbox in automatic mode.

Advantages: prolongation of the gearbox service life; reduction of mental and physical load on the driver.

Key features: a hardware/software platform: smart controller Ecomat R 360; pneumatic valves V0307- 5D0-Q with direct electromagnetic control (6 PCs.); actuator is pneumatic type with orthogonal power cylinders.

Operating temperature range is from –40 to +85 °C.

Range of operating air pressures is 0.45 MPa.

Developed: chair «Automobiles» Automotive and Tractor Faculty of BNTU, Prof. Dr. Rukteshel O.S., D.Sc. (Doct. Techn. Sci.), Dr. Kusyak V. A., PhD (Cand. Techn. Sci.), Senior Lecturer Filimonov A.A.

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