Electrolyte-plasma processing of products of small cross-section and stiffness in conditions of vacuum pressure

Application: polishing and cleaning of small cross-section and stiffness products for which one can­not change the strength, acoustic properties, changes of microstructure and phase composition of the surface (sensor components, parts of ultrasound devices, medical stents and stentgraft made of stainless steel and titanium nickelide).

Advantages: the method provides high-quality electrolytic-plasma processing of small cross-section and stiffness products without changing their initial shape, preserving the original structure and charac­teristics of the material.

Key features: the developed method is to reduce the medium pressure below atmospheric, which ensures a significant reduction of specific power required for film boiling and maintain a stable vapor-gas shell around the workpiece. The decrease in current density provides a reduction in heating effect of cur­rent on material and consequently allows avoiding any changes the original characteristics of the material.

Voltage – 300 V; pressure – 0.5–0.8 atm; current density – 0.03–0.04 А/sm2; electrolyte temperature – 80 °С; treatment duration – 3–5 min; electrolytes – aqueous solutions of salts with a concentration of 3–6 %.

Developed: Research and Innovating Laboratory of New Constructional Materials, SE «Scientific Tech­nological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic», Dr. Valdimir S. Niss PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.), Dr. Alexander Koroly­ev PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.), Alexander Parshuto.

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