Electrolyte-plasma polishing, and cleaning inner surfaces of long tubular products

Application: polishing and cleaning of the internal surfaces of tubular products used in food, chemi­cal industry, medical products, parts, heat exchanger systems, etc.

Advantages: electrolyte-plasma treatment of inner surface of long tubular products provides in com­parison with existing methods for high-quality polishing and cleaning with high intensity with the use of non-toxic, environmentally safe and cheap electrolytes.

Key features: Voltage – 300 V; current density – 1.5–2.5 А/sm2; electrolyte temperature – 80–90 °С, electrolytes – aqueous solutions of salts with a concentration of 3–6 %.

Developed: Research and Innovating Laboratory of New Constructional Materials, SE «Scientific Tech­nological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic», Dr. Valdimir S. Niss PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.), Dr. Alexander Koroly­ev PhD (Cand. of Techn. Sci.), Alexander Parshuto.

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