Device for thrombus destruction

Application: to carry out intravascular thrombus destruction; for atraumatic surgery on main arteries; studying a possibility of atherosclerosis treatment with the help of flexible wave guides using endoecto­my method.

Advantages: time of thrombus destruction in condition of in vivo no more than 35 s/cm; thrombus destruction dimension of fragments no more than 10 μm; surgical intervention on main arteries without traumas.

Key features: operating frequency – 22–28 kHz; radiation rate – 7–82 W/cm2; amplitude of oscillation of waveguide – 50 μm.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Semiconductor Technique and Department of Device Design and Manufacture in collaboration with Research and Practical Center of Cardiology and SE «Scientific-Tech­nological Park of BNTU «Plytechnic», Supervisors – Prof. Dr. Vladimir Minchenya, PhD., Prof. Dr. Alexander Mrochek, MD, Prof. Dr. Igor Adzerikho MD (BelMAPO), Dr. Yury Alekseyev PhD.

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