Development of the concept of architectural images of tourist and cultural-ethnographic complexes

Key features: development of a General concept and specific proposals on main (key or branded) components of the tourism and cultural-ethnographic complex, which includes symbolism, uses (graphic and sculptural solution), the form and method of installation, heraldry and flag. The concept of symbols includes a memorable, visually expressive image with regard to the name of the complex. Various uses of symbolism are comfortable and well observed. Planning decision of area provides shopping, entertainment and administrative functions.

Information about the practical implementation: unified architectural ensemble of the National Park «Pripyatsky»; tourist cultural-ethnographic complex «Our native land «Sabaly»; the Architectural concept of the ethno-historical zone of tourist and recreational complex «Plissa».

Developed: Architectural innovation center, Prof., Dr. Sardarov A.S., D.Sc. (Doctor of Architecture).

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