Determination of optical, plasmonic and thermooptical properties of homogeneous and two-layers nanoparticles

Application: implementation of technologies for processing of nanoparticles for use in optical-elec­tronic industry, nanotechnology.

Advantages: selective choice of the required parameters of nanoparticles in wide ranges of sizes, ma­terials, structure of nanoparticles and the spectral interval of wavelengths of radiation.

Key features: following parameters of nanoparticles and radiation were used: the radius and the thick­ness of the shell is 5–100 nm; the material of the nanoparticles – gold, silver, titanium, Nickel, other metals, silicon oxide; environment – air, water.

Developed: Republican Institute of Innovative Technologies in collaboration with NAS of Belarus, Su­pervisor – Prof. Dr. Victor Pustovalov, D.Sc.

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