Controller measuring and managing type KTU-4

Application: use in automation systems and devices.

Advantages: contains high-precision analog-to-digital Converter; combines the measuring device and the control device of selectable channels.

Key features: signal input: digital serial or analog 0–5 V or –10 ... +10 mV; resolution: 16 bits; the measurement of analog signal: ±2 units of lower category; type of display: OLED, two-line; keyboard type: membrane, 6 keys; power supply: 9–16 VDC; the number of discrete inputs/outputs: up to 8; features of inputs: up to 36 V DC, 300 mA; characteristics of outputs: 230 V AC 200 mA or 36 V DC 1 A; main functions: processing and display of the measuring signal, control the dispensing cycle, data transmission through serial channel; protection degree according to GOST 14254 is IP 65; operating temperature range, deg. C – from –10 to +40.

Developed: Research Laboratory «Automation of production», Dr. Skachek V.A., PhD (Cand. techn. sci.).

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