Computer program LINEDYS+ – mechanical and electrodynamic calculation of flexible conductors of air electric lines (AEL)

Application: designed for mechanical and electrodynamic calculation of AEL flexible conductors for two-phase or three-phase short circuit

Advantages: the calculation takes into account: the height difference of the suspension and other fea­tures of the geometry of the span; suspended garlands of insulators; the stiffness of the supporting and in­sulating structures; splitting of phase – in-phase and phase-to-phase spacers; the action of ice and wind loads; elastic and thermal elongation of the conductors; the characteristics of short circuit.

Key features: in the course of processing are determined: load on the wires and garlands insulators; the efforts of the busbar and tap switcher on the portals and devices; the deviation of portals and devices under the action of applied forces; motion trajectory of busbars at any point of the span; minimum dis­tances between conductors of adjacent phases, and also between assembled busbars and taps and the maximum deviation of busbars; the heating of the conductors during short circuit; current of electrody­namic span stability.

Developed: Research and Testing Laboratory Electric-power Systems and their Automation and De­partment «Electrical Stations», Supervisor – Prof. Dr. Iosif Sergei D.Sc.

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