Compositions of cast high-speed steels and complex technology of tool blanks manufacturing by means of methods of induction and electro-slag scrap melting

Application: tool blanks.

Advantages: the use of the technology of remelting of waste of tool production including modifi­cation and control of crystallization conditions for the formation of dispersed structure and make tools of high performance properties provides: the savings of the alloying elements; reducing the complexity and energy consumption; increase of operational stability by 1.5–2.2 times; the modification during melt­ing; regulation of speed of crystallization; the use of precise casting techniques; ability to use as charge materials scrap, shavings, metal-abrasive sludge.

Key features: hardness up to 64–67 HRC; heat resistant up to 60–64; impact viscosity, kJ/m2 100–300; the metal utilization factor 0.85–0.9; wear resistance is 1.3-1.5 times higher compared to wear rolled ma­terials.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Material Science and Foundry Technology, Dr. Fyodor Rudnitskiy, PhD (Cand. Techn.).

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