Complex of probe charge sensitive instruments and methods for diagnosis, monitoring and visualization of precision surfaces

Application: visualization of the reconstructed images of electric potential spatial distribution on wafer’s surface and sensor components of small spacecraft and other products; control of latent defects and residual impurities (trace amounts).

Advantages: it allows non-destructive testing products with precision surfaces without special train­ing.

Key features: controlled materials: semiconductor wafers, wafers with metal films and dielectric (oxide), metals, including metal under dielectric film, dielectrics, composite materials; measuring range of the electric potential of surface is ±5 V; sensitivity in the detection of residual contamination – up to 1 atom on 107atoms at semiconductor’s surface; size of scan area – up to 200×200 mm2; spatial reso­lution is 0.1 mm.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Semiconductor Technique and Department of Information Meas­uring Technology, Supervisor – Prof. Anatoli Zharin, D.Sc.

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