Complex increase of tillage machines resource

Application: the technology is designed to improve the durability of the executive mechanisms of the different tillage machines due to the efficient hardening of the working surfaces of quick-wear parts in agricultural machinery, construction machinery.

Advantages: reducing the cost of hardening through the use of metal chips; increase the service life of hardened parts is more than 1.5 times, especially in harsh environments; the ability to control the properties of deposited layers in a wide range; high machinability of the cladded layer; self-sharpening plough shares and fuel during plowing; the possibility of organizing the manufacturing of surfacing al­loys from chips for own needs of the enterprise.

Key features: the hardness of the hardened layer (cladded coatings) up to 65 HRC; wear resistance in abrasive wear 20–60 % higher than that of analogues; the cost of the deposited layer is 30–70 % low­er than that of analogues; structure of the hardened layer after thermal diffusion: martensite-carbide; structure of cladded coatings: heterogeneous (composite) with a reinforcing phase in the eutectic matrix.

Developed: Department «Materials science in engineering», Prof. Dr. Valery Konstantinov.

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