Combined dual-stream nozzle for mechanized welding in shielding gases in terms of exposure to wind

Application: welding of steel structures and pipelines in industrial production and construction and installation works in conditions of exposure to wind flows, drafts, etc. (wind speed up to 8 m/s).

Advantage: increase of productivity when using mechanized welding in shielding gas.

Key features: the nozzle consists of two channels: internal one having an output section and an outer with an internal multi-start spiral thread for imparting rotation to the gas stream. Shielding gas is fed into nozzle through one base channel and at its beginning divided into two streams: the inner – axial and outer – tangential. Thus, the internal flow provides effective protection of the weld pool directly, and the outer flow due to the high velocity gas flow from slotted channel and its rotation (curl) creates greater rigidity of the gas protection aiming to counteract the perturbing wind mass.

Developed: Research and Testing Laboratory of Welding, Related Technologies and Nondestruc­tive Inspection, Corresponding member of NAS of Belarus, Prof. Dr. Fyodor Pnteleyenko D.Sc. (Doctor of Techn. Sci.), Vladimir Pisarev.

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