Apparatus for the mobilizing correction of spine AMKP 1

Application: in rehabilitation medicine for preoperative preparation of the spine to increase its cor­rectional mobility, unloading, correction and mobilization of the spine.

Advantages: it can be used to restore spine mobility among people that have significant physical load on the spine during the working day due to the specific job.

Key features: preoperative preparation for surgical correction of mobilization of the spine deforma­tions on the basis of scoliosis and other orthopedic diseases; preparatory mobilization corrective ad­aptation of the spine and rib cage corset for the correction of severe strain on the basis of scoliosis and Scheuermann’s disease; traction training and rehabilitation unloading spine osteochondrosis, as well as significant physical stress in athletes, dancers, ballet dancers and circus.

Correction is carried out by stretching in the longitudinal direction and by crushing effect on the torso and pelvis in the transverse direction.

Developed: Research Laboratory of Semiconductor Technique and Department of Device Design and Manufacture Supervisor – Prof. Dr. Mikhail Kiselev, D.Sc.

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