Aerodynamic stand

Application: estimation of aerodynamic characteristics of the buildings as well as for the study of the wind effects on the ventilation ducts and shafts to ensure stable operation of natural ventilation systems.

Advantages: the stand allows quickly perform comparative tests of existing and designed buildings as well as to make changes in the designs of the models with approbation that reduces financial and time costs for finding optimal solutions. It allows receiving results of measurements from a set of points at con­stant conditions. It helps to avoid repeated reading data directly at each facility and improve the quality of measurement results.

Key features: air flow rate is 0.1–4.5 m/s; size of the cross-section is 1,2×1,2 m.

Developed: Research and Innovative Laboratory of Thermal Physics and Engineering Systems of Structures, Supervisor – Academician of NAS of Belarus, Prof. Dr. Boris Khroustalev, D.Sc.

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