Absorption-biochemical installation for cleaning of ventilating air from harmful organic substances

Application: cleaning of ventilation air from harmful organic substances (phenol, formaldehyde, sol­vent vapors, tertiary amine, benzene etc.), oil and spray mist, soot and suspended solids in foundry, paint­ing, wood processing, furniture, chemical and other manufactures.

Advantages: absence of dump of harmful substances into environment; functionality; simplicity and reliability in operation; fire and explosion safety; multivariate layout of installation.

Key features: the principle of operation based on the solubility of harmful organic substances in the absorbent on the process water followed by biochemical regeneration of water absorbent for reuse in in­stallation. The developed method allows neutralizing the harmful substances contained in the gas mixture removed from the process involving thermal treatment of synthetic resins.

Developed: RUE «Industrial Ecological Systems» – subsidiary enterprise of the Technological park BNTU «Polytechnic», Supervisor – Dr. Yuri Shapovalov, PhD.

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