Scholarship of the FPB – Alexander Dichkovskii (FTC)

At 14 of November at the Republican Palace of Trade Union Culture a scholarship award from the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus to the active students of the trade union within the framework of the Republican Student Union Forum called “ Students autumn – 2018” took place.

Every year primary trade union organizations from vocational, specialized secondary and highest education of the country put forward the best representatives of the trade union activity to get a scholarship of the FPB. Students can get a FPB scholarship only one time from the whole study in the university. Students need to have a high activity in trade union, creative and sport activity, they need to take part in the scientific-research project, be an active part of a social life of the university and have a high marks for their subjects for 2 semesters – this is the real formula to get a FPB scholarship.


Within the framework of the forum “Students autumn - 2018” which was organized by the Federation of Trade Union of Belarus students who was nominated to have a FPB scholarship get a certificates and chest badges form the representative of the FPB Mihail Sergeevich Ordi.

A special pride for our university is to see student from BNTU scholars. This year Dichkovskii Alexsander has become a scholar in the BNTU – student of the 5th course of the FTC, representative of the trade union of the FTC. As Alexander said, trade union activist need to be developed in every sphere possible, he need to keep up with study and social life in the university and to be able to take an important decisions in the difficult situations as well.

The university sincerely congratulate Alexander with the worthy reward for his productive work and dedication in the sphere he like. We sure that this prize will inspire Alexander to work harder and to be successful!