Freshmen of the FTC – 2018

At 8 of November in the assembly hall of 11th building of BNTU the large-scale event called “Freshmen of the FTC – 2018” took place.

The event was open with the parting words of the Dean of the FTC Kravcenko Sergei Egorovich.

Preparing for this event took a whole 2 month of work. Students who were in charge of the event made a very creative performances with the most talented students of BNTU.

This year there was a creative group from the sport-technic faculty called “Afterdark spotex”. As guests of the shows there were: Komadei Irina Yrievna (deputy dean of the FTC), Dichkovskii Alexander and Sheimovich Anatoliy (chairman and deputy of the trade union of the FTC) and graduated students of the FTC Fomin Oleg and Steckii Ilya.

As for the performance itself, we can say that the work was done at highest level. Every performance has something unique in it, and bring different emotions to the audience. We saw the dedication of every freshmen and their willing to win.

The main goal of the event is to rate the performances qualitatively and honestly. The honorable jury easily cope with this hard task: Komadei I. Y. (deputy dean of the FTC), Baranova A.A.(chairman of the PPO of BNTU students), Korovaevich M.M. (head of the student government organization sector), Sikorskaya I. N.(educator of the FTC), Fomin O. B. (graduate student of the FTC).

The results of the event:

“Best male role” – Androsik Ilya (group 11404218);

“Best female role” – Turlai Igor (group 11404118);

“Best video” – group 11404118;

“Best group ONLINE” – group 11403218;

“The most creative group” – group 11405118;

“The most stylish group” – group 11403118;

“The most dancing group” – group 11402118;

“The most driving group” – group 11403318.


1st place – group 11403218


2nd place – group 11404218


3rd place – group 11404118


The winning places were awarded with certificates from out sponsors, and with prizes from the trade union of the FTC and BRSM of the FTC. In addition, we would like to thank the hosts of the event – Kuzmenkov Mihail and Cvetkova Valeria.

We sure that freshmen will do everything possible to make our university even better than it is now.