Excursion to the “Metrostroy” (MIT, FTC)

At 28 of November 2018 was organized a familiarization visit to the company UE “Metrostroy” ( the 7th section of the tunnel №1) where metro station “Voksalnaya” is building for the students of the 5th course of the specialty 1-70.03.02 “Bridges, transport tunnels and subways” of the FTC. Students got a lot of comprehensive, quality and practical information. We saw the whole process of construction of the transition tunnel from the “Vokzalnaya” station to the “Lenina square” station. The iron tubing trim used as a lining transition of the tunnels so as the reinforced concrete block lining, which helped to visually consolidate knowledges which were obtained by us in the development of a course project on the topic “Tunnels built by shield method”. We get to know with z different kind of equipment of fencing pits as: sheet piling, fencing of bored and bored piles  as well as a “wall in the ground” that will contribute a better preparation of the course project on the subject “Subways”.

After being acquainted with the constructive solutions of the stations and transition tunnels constructed by a non-mechanized SCHN-1C shield, we descended into the distillation tunnel being constructed by the new tunneling mechanized complex (TFMK) of the French company BESSAK which metro-builders affectionately call “Alesya”. The TPMK operator in details spoke about all the basic operations that this unit performs, and about all the difficulties that metro-builders faced when laying a new, 3rd line of the Minsk metro.

In addition to familiarization with the object of construction, the master of the production site spoke in detail about the features of the work on the construction of metro facilities, about the plans of the organization of its structural divisions and about how to achieve high quality construction projects, despite all the difficulties.

We hope that this experience will help us, the graduated students in the further work on our diplomas and will expand our knowledges about the future profession.