Best room of the FTC – 2019

On 26th of March on the base of dormitory №17 the competition “Best room of the FTC” took place.

This event is held within the university-wide review competition “The best room of BNTU” which is held by Students campus together with PPO of BNTU students.

Best room of the FTC – 2019

The judges considered the following criteria for evaluating the rooms of participants: cleanliness, lighting and interior color solution, compliance with the rules of residence in the dormitory and safety of dormitory property, and the most important criteria was noticed to be a coziness and comfort of the rooms.

All the participants design their room with a pleasure, many approached this issue with creative enthusiasm, which made every room unique and stylish.

The winners are:

- Best block room – 402

- Best A room – 502

- Best B room – 524

All the participants were awarded with diplomas and precious prizes from the trade union organization of students of FTC and BRSM of FTC.

We congratulate the people and thank them for taking part in the competition. We wish you to improve your student “houses” and risen the level of the comfort in it.

Romanovskaya Anastasia Mecislavovna, the student of group 11403416