Military and Technical Faculty

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Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 220013

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Military and Technical Faculty

Military and Technical


Historically, the foundation of the Faculty is connected with the establishment of the Military Department within the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute. The Military Department was formed on the basis of the Minsk Construction Institute incorporated in the BPI in 1933. The Military and Physical Training Department of the BPI trained undergraduates as reserve officers of technical services for tank units, engineer and chemical corps of the Red Army. During the Great Patriotic War the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute did not function. In postwar years the structure of the Department developed rapidly, the number of students considerably increased. Since 1974 the Department has been the leader among military departments of higher educational institutions of the Republic. It trained 1500 reserve officers annually.

In compliance the Resolution of the Council of Ministers № 775 of June 11, 2003 the Military Department of the BNTU was reorganized into the Military and Technical Faculty.

Today the Faculty forms a structural division of the BNTU. It provides military specialists training for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus and other armies and military formations of the country. Starting 2009 it has been training foreign military specialists for the Collective Security Treaty Organization member states.

Every year the Faculty trains about 500 cadets and 900 students in accordance with approved programs.

The faculty provides teaching, methodological, scientific, educational and legal training at a high professional level. The faculty staff constantly broaden theoretical knowledge and improve professional skills. They set a shining example of high discipline, creativity, high cultural and moral standards for cadets and students.


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