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Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering


The BPI-BSPA-BNTU began training specialists for instrumentation engineering in 1961, when the Precise Mechanics Instruments Department was founded. Professor S.S. Kostyukovich, Honored Employee of Higher Education of the BSSR led the department for 23 years.

In 1976, due to the progress in optical industry, the Optics and Mechanics Faculty was opened. At different times the Faculty was led by Associate Professor R.I. Tomilin, Associate Professor V.I. Kletsko, Professor M.G. Kiselev. As the number of specialties in demand in the field of instrumentation engineering increased, in 1978 the Physics and Engineering Faculty was established. The Faculty was led by Professor G.S. Kruglik and Associate Professor A.G. Litvinko.

In 1984 the Physics and Engineering Faculty incorporated the Optics and Mechanics Faculty. Next year the Faculty was renamed as the Instrumentation Engineering Faculty.

Professor M.G. Kiselev, Honored Employee of Higher Education of the Republic of Belarus, held the position of the dean of the Instrumentation Engineering Faculty from 1984 to 1998.

Later the Faculty was headed by Associate Professor V.I. Shamkalovich, Professor O.K. Gusev and Professor A.M. Maliarevich.


Nowadays the Faculty has about 1000 full-time students and more than 500 correspondence students.

Training in instrumentation engineering is carried out by 7 departments, 5 of them specialize in 10 specialties:

"Device Design and Manufacture" Department

  • 1-38 01 01 Mechanical and Electromechanical Instruments and Devices
  • 1-38 02 02 Biotechnical and Medical Devices and Systems
  • 1-52 02 01 Jewelry Manufacture Technology and Equipment

"Standardization, Metrology and Information Systems" Department

  • 1-54 01 01 Metrology, Standardization and Certification

"Laser Devices and Technology" Department

  • 1-38 01 02 Optoelectronics and Laser Devices and Systems

"Information Measuring Devices and Technologies" Department

  • 1-38 02 01 Information and Measuring Technics
  • 1-38 02 03 Technical Support for Security
  • 1-54 01 02 Methods and Devices for Quality Assurance and of the Objects State Diagnostics

"Micro- and Nanotechnology" Department

  • 1-38 01 04 Micro- and Nanosystems' Technics
  • 1-41 01 01 Technology of Materials and Components of Electronic Technics


Besides, there are two general education departments:

"Engineering Mathematics" Department

"Experimental and Theoretical Physics" Department


Due to its powerful scientific and pedagogical potential the Faculty develops dynamically.

The staff of the Faculty comprises 130 lecturers. Among them there are about 25 DScs and Professors, including 1 Academician and 2 Correspondent Members of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, and 85 PhDs and Associate Professors.

Research is conducted by the Scientific Research Centre for Optical Materials and Technologies as well as by two research laboratories: Semiconductor Technics laboratory and Optoelectronics Instrumentation Engineering laboratory.

The Faculty offers doctoral studies, PhD studies and Master programs. In the past three years the employees of the Faculty obtained 2 DSc and 9 PhD degrees. Starting 2000 the Faculty is one of the permanent leaders of the contest held among BNTU structural divisions, winning the first prize for the last 5 years.