Institute of the Integrated Forms of Learning and Monitoring of Education



For successful realization of communication between the University and educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus within the Belarusian National Technical University on the basis of the faculty of pre-University training and Regional testing centre the Institute of the Integrated Forms of Learning and Monitoring of Education was established, the Director of which is the candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Natalia A. Afanasyeva.

The institute unites in its structure:

  • Department of Natural Sciences and Creative disciplines;
  • Regional Testing and Youth Vocational Guidance Centre;
  • Lyceum of BNTU;
  • pre-University Training;
  • Department of pre-University Training;
  • Department of Vocational Guidance;
  • Department of Education Quality Monitoring.

At present the Institute carries out its work in the following directions:

  • It integrates and coordinates all activities related to the youth`s education quality monitoring;
  • It implements continuous education program for “School-University” system;
  • It organizes targeted general education and guidance of youth in accordance with their future professional interests;
  • It will inform pupils and students at the stage of choosing their future profession within the framework of the project “BNTU goes to school”;
  • It implements adaptation of graduates of secondary and vocational schools in modern educational environment and their high-quality training on new technologies in the Institutions of Higher Education;
  • It ensures the growth of the intellectual, spiritual, cultural, moral and physical development;
  • It organizes the improvement of educational and scientific potential of employees;

It implements internal education quality monitoring of students of BNTU in order to predict their academic achievements and timely adjustment of mastering the course material.