Coordinative International Student Center

Address: 65 Nezavisimosty Ave., Main building, office 325, Minsk, Belarus, 220013
Phone: +375 17 292 71 43

Head of the Coordinative International Student Center
Ekaterina V. Lazuko


Coordinative International Student Center

Student Center


The main priority of the Coordinative International Student Center "The World Through the Prism of Culture and Knowledge" is the international youth development. It was founded at the Belarusian National Technical University in 2005. On August 1, 2012 the International Student Centre was restructured into the Coordinative International Student Center "The World Through the Prism of Culture and Knowledge".

The Coordinative International Student Center (CISC) is actively developing cultural relations with different countries in the world, especially with strategic partners of the Republic of Belarus such as Russia, China, Turkmenistan, Iran, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, India, Venezuela, Ecuador. Moreover, the Center organizes cultural events in cooperation with diplomatic representatives of Nepal, Norway, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and other countries (Days of Friendship, Photo Exhibitions, National and Religious Holidays, etc.).

As part of the goal to preserve cultural versatility and promote cultural and religious understanding, the Coordinative International Student Center established cultural centers of different countries: Chinese Culture and Education Center "Shanghai 2007"; Abay Center for Kazakh language, history and culture; Vietnamese Culture Center; Palestinian Culture Center; Kyrgyz Culture Center. In the future the Centers of Nigerian, Moroccan and Latin American Culture are planned to establish.

The CISC includes: advertising department, sector of cooperation with the International Alumni Association of Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Belarus, sector of international activity. In 2014 student television "BNTU TV" was established at the Center. The mission of the student television is to highlight student's activities. The team "BNTU TV" is producing and publishing videos about Belarusian and international students, creates advertising videos about faculties, takes part in film contests.

The Center is functioning on the basis of the youth policy of the Republic of Belarus and strives to develop civic, patriotic, human and international upbringing in young people. To promote youth initiatives students are involved into preparation of different events, which organized in cooperation with International Graduates' Association of Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Belarus, embassies and communities of foreign countries.

The CISC is closely cooperating with the International Graduates' Association of Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Belarus, which was established in 2007. It unites graduates of more than 100 countries all over the world. The Association is headed by Mr. Mahato Upendra, BNTU alumnus, Honorary Consul General of Federal Republic of Nepal in the Republic of Belarus.

The mission of the Association is to develop and deepen international cooperation in the sphere of education, economy and culture; consolidate and develop relations of international alumni with Belarusian Higher School; popularize Belarusian education institutions on the international level. Keeping close relations with international alumni, who have high ranking positions in business in the Republic of Belarus and abroad, the Association makes contribution to signing up mutually beneficial cooperation agreements with the Republic of Belarus, assisting in attracting international investments to Belarus, promoting education export, presenting a positive image of the BNTU as the leading higher engineering and technical education institution in the Republic of Belarus. At this time, the branch offices of the International Association in Morocco, Nigeria, Lebanon, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka are functioning.

A number of precious traditional events are organized in the cooperation with the International Graduates' Association of Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Belarus: International Student Festival "Student Kaleidoscope", dedicated to International Student Day, International Exhibition "Joy of Easter" with participation of diplomatic missions of the Republic of Belarus, Nauryz Meiramy Festival, Charity Actions "On the way to Goodwill" in orphanages of Minsk, Latin American Christmas Meetings, International youth competition-festival in national and oriental dancing among students, workshops on foreign cuisine, International Sports Competition "Belt of Friendship", days of international culture, round table discussions, seminars, photo exhibitions, video presentations etc.

All of the above-mentioned activities encourage tolerance, national and cultural values in Belarusian and international students, foster civic engagement and patriotism. Its mission in promoting student's creative initiatives and helping them realize their creative potential, making right attitude towards the pursuit of healthy life style.

Preserving traditions of soviet student "Interclubs", the Center is actively developing and adapting to modern conditions. The activity of the Center focuses on dialogue and cooperation among different cultures, civilizations and people, acceptance of cultural and spiritual values of Belarusians and perception of the ideology of the Republic of Belarus.