Confucius Institute on Science and Technology

Our address: 220013, Repubic of Belarus, Minsk, 65 Nezavisimosti Ave., building 18, room 103

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Confucius Institute on Science and Technology
Confucius Institute on Science and Technology Confucius Institute on Science and Technology Confucius Institute on Science and Technology Confucius Institute on Science and Technology


Confucius Institutes form a network of cultural and educational centers created by Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Hanban). Confucius Institutes throughout the globe number over 120.

The mission of Confucius institutes consists in contributing to global cultural diversity and harmony through teaching Chinese language and culture. The Institutes seek to enable everyone interested in learning Chinese to pursue their aim by meeting the demands of the overseas learners to the utmost degree.

As Belarus and China have a long history of fruitful cooperation in the fields of science and technology, the establishment of a Sci-Tech oriented Confucius Institute was just a matter of time.

The Agreement on establishing the BNTU Confucius Institute on Science and Technology was signed in Beijing on December 5, 2013, and the Grand Opening Ceremony at the BNTU took place on October 21, 2014.

One of the top technical universities of China became a partner of the BNTU in the establishment of the Confucius Institute on Science and Technology. The University is located in the city of Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning province.

The establishment of Confucius Institute in a technical university will contribute to the dissemination of the Chinese language and to the study of the language with an emphasis on technical terminology. This will provide the invaluable support to Belarus China cooperation in such promising fields as the development of science and technology, new techniques and innovation, opening joint high-tech enterprises.


  • Teaching Chinese language for engineering and technical professionals (all the necessary teaching materials provided);
  • Training, retraining, and refresher courses for Belarusian teachers of Chinese language with the emphasis on technical terminology;
  • Assisting Hanban in organizing Chinese Proficiency Tests (HSK) for learners and exams in technical terminology for teachers;
  • Raising awareness about Chinese education, culture, economy, science, technology and innovations, social fabric, as well as studies in China;
  • Holding events fostering intercultural dialogue and Sino-Belarusian cooperation in the fields of education science, innovative activities;
  • Organizing conferences, workshops, exhibitions, scientific symposia, specialist exchange, internships for professors and scientists, and cultural events.

Providing paid courses in Chinese language according to the agreements signed.