BNTU Cultural Events


v Grand Event “BNTU Freshman”;

v Student Film Contest “Videoradius”;

v Belarusian Culture Festival “We are Belarus”;

v Student Festival “BNTU Spring”;

v Trade Fair “Culture. Education. Leisure”;

v Poetry and Song Competition “Muse in the Technical Interior”;

v “Time to Improve Spiritually”, Easter Meeting of the Ethnic and Cultural Association “Beraginia”;

v Thematic meetings of the Literary Association “Polystikh”;

v Health Day cultural program;

v Thematic concerts during various National Holidays.



Grand Event “BNTU Freshman”

“BNTU Freshman” is a traditional event opening a new academic year. It celebrates the beginning of exciting student life for the freshmen. The freshmen have an opportunity to catch first glimpses of the University organization.

Wreath-laying ceremony at the BNTU monument commemorating the BNTU students and lecturers who perished in the Great Patriotic War is an important part of the Event.

The BNTU art groups give colorful performances setting festive mood. Belarusian pop-stars are special guests at this unforgettable Event.


Student Film Contest “BNTU Videoradius”

The Contest established in 2006 is a unique chance to realize one’s creative ambitions and make a difference sharing one’s views on the issues troubling youth. Besides, young directors from the BNTU and other universities visit masterclasses in film art. The Contest Jury comprises professional film makers.

The participants of the Contest have an exquisite opportunity to master their skills and get unbiased professional evaluation of their work. All mentioned above makes a wonderful start for a successful career in film industry.


Belarusian Culture Festival “We are Belarus”

The 5-day Belarusian Culture Festival “We are Belarus” celebrates the depth and uniqueness of Belarusian culture and versatile talents of the BNTU students and employees. The Festival includes a number of vivid events:

  • Meeting of the Literary Association “Polystikh” attended by renowned Belarusian authors;
  • Faculty Contest where the students present fiery dances, gentle songs and hilarious jokes;
  • Applied Arts Exhibition “Talent Chest”;
  • Gala Concert closing the Event that bridges the past and the present of our country.


Student Festival “BNTU Spring”

For over 35 years the Festival aiming to showcase the diverse range of the University talents has been one of the brightest local cultural events. BNTU Spring comprises several fests:

  • Instrumental Music Fest
  • Song Fest
  • Theatre Fest
  • Dance Fest

The students of each Faculty give their all in a bid to impress the Jury made up of professional choreographers, conductors, famous performers and producers. Traditionally, the Jury is headed by Oleg Eliseenkov, a renowned Belarusian composer.

Gala-Concert and the award ceremony for the winning Faculties are held in Oktyabr (October) Cinema.


Trade Fair “Culture. Education. Leisure”

The biennial Fair aims at supporting cultural and educational initiatives, developing the educators’ creative potential, and establishing a data bank for methodological ideas. The BNTU workers, lecturers, and students present their own methodological aids in various fields. The Expert Council which evaluates the projects comprises the representatives of the National Institute of Education and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus as well as experts in pedagogy and sociology.


Poetry and Song Competition “Muse in the Technical Interior”

The Competition invites undergraduate and graduate students as well as BNTU lectures, employees, and graduates to celebrate their love for literature and let their creative talent shine bright. The participants present their works in an impressive scope of genres ranging from parable and fairytale to song. The competent Jury is made up of well-known authors and members of the Belarusian Union of Writers.