BNTU Center for History and Culture

Creative activities give a strong impulse to personal growth and unconventional thinking. Throughout the years of its existence, the Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) has always sought to provide the students with academic excellence and possibilities to express their talents in various artistic venues. Such policy promotes respect for uniqueness of each person and mutual understanding, and adds some vibe to the life of the BNTU community.

Brief History

The BNTU Center for History and Culture originated from the Students´ Club established at the University in 1946.

In 2003 the Culture Department encompassing the Students’ Club, Center for Culture Studies, and the BNTU Museum was opened.

In 2011 the Culture Department was restructured into the BNTU Center for History and Culture. The Center sees its mission in promoting student’s creative initiatives and helping them realize their creative potential. Besides, the Center fosters civic engagement and patriotism. The Center comprises a number of orchestras and vocal and dancing groups who have repeatedly won in national and international contests.