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Fee structure

International students should pay the following tuition fees for the 2017-2018 academic year:
Types of education Forms of education Architectural Faculty, Marketing,
Management and Entrepreneurship Faculty,
Management Technologies and Humanitarization Faculty, USD
Other Faculties, USD
Preparatory Course Full-time 1800
Main Course Full-time 2950 2650
Master Degree Course Full-time 2950 2650
Full-time 4200 (in English)
Part-time 1900
Postgraduate Course Full-time 2950
Full-time 4100 (in English)
Part-time 2150
Part-time 3000 (in English)

A student may pay his/her tuition fees one time per year or two times per year (each semester):

The first part of tuition fees shall be paid until September 15th of each academic year and the rest amount shall be paid until March 1st of each academic year.
In addition to tuition fees a student must pay some others fees:

  • Compulsory Health Insurance - 170 euros;
  • Medical examination - 50 euros;
  • Registration - 50 euros;
  • Hostel accommodation - 300 euros (single accommodation in two- or three-seat room).

All other expenses (travel, food and entertainment) shall be paid by the students themselves.
Students with knowledge of Russian Language shall be tested by the Rector's University Commission. After its decision the student will be offered training either at the Preparatory Department or at the first course of the Faculty concerned.