Automotive and Tractor Faculty

Address: Ya. Kolasa Str, 12, building 8, Minsk, Belarus, 220013


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Automotive and tractor faculty

Automotive and Tractor


The ATF is the largest and one of the most prestigious faculties of the Belarusian State Technical University. It is the center for training specialists for automotive and tractor industry and the transport system of Belarus. The Faculty also trains qualified professors and scientists working for various branches of national economy. Since its foundation 60 years ago the Faculty has been developing dynamically.

Nowadays the Faculty trains full-time students in 15 specialities and offers 9 specialities for correspondence students. At present more than 2000 students study full time and more than 1800 receive their training by correspondence. The Faculty’s staff numbers about 300 workers, 170 of them are educators. More than 20 Doctors of Science (DScs) work at the Faculty and the number of PhDs exceeds 80. They not only train specialists for automotive and tractor industry of the Republic, but also do research closely connected with the needs of technical progress.

The reforms in higher education and economy changed dramatically the learning process. The departments develop new curricula and programs of multi-level training for engineers and scientists; distance learning methods are being introduced.

Under new circumstances, besides technical disciplines, the students study economic management mechanism, the basics of foreign trade activities, microprocessor control systems for vehicles, practical skills for personal computer use, ecology and radiation ecology, marketing and management, ethics and aesthetics

Sports play an important role in the physical development of the students. The majority takes regular physical training. Every year many students participate in the University Games for 25 sports. The Faculty trains dozens of ranked athletes annually. Many athletes defend the honor of the Faculty at national, municipal, district and university competitions. Some students of the Faculty won prizes at the European and World Championships. Among them are Julia Novoshinskaya and Vitaly Budinsky.

The Faculty organizes various cultural events, such as visits to museums and theatres, literary debates, meetings with prominent cultural figures.

Over the years the Faculty trained more than 10,000 specialists; 421 of them graduated with honors. Thousands of ATF graduates work at industrial enterprises, constructor offices, and educational institutions of Belarus and Russia. They participate in the production of new automobiles, special cars and equipment, manage production process, provide maintenance for vehicles, and organize road traffic. They also train and educate technical specialists. In every field of activity ATF graduates show a profound knowledge of their specialities and set a shining example in work.