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Welcome to Turkmenistan!


At 12 of December, the event, which was held in honor of students from Turkmenistan whom are studying at the FTC, took place in the dormitory №17.

Nowadays students from Turkmenistan successfully study at the FTC. Guys deals with all the new stuff very well, they get along with the language barrier and they don’t forget their motherland, they appreciate all the traditions of their culture.

Excursion to the “Metrostroy” (MIT, FTC)


At 28 of November 2018 was organized a familiarization visit to the company UE “Metrostroy” ( the 7th section of the tunnel №1) where metro station “Voksalnaya” is building for the students of the 5th course of the specialty 1-70.03.02 “Bridges, transport tunnels and subways” of the FTC. Students got a lot of comprehensive, quality and practical information.

For the contribution in the road science


At 22-23 of November 2018 the International scientific technical conference “Car roads: safety and reliability” took place in Minsk in honor of 90th anniversary of Belarusian road science.

Alexei Avramenko (the 1st minister of transport and communications in the Republic of Belarus) gave the start of the conference. The work of the conference was organized in 3 sections – “Road safety”, “Intelligent transport systems”, “Repair and maintenance of car roads”.

Scholarship of the FPB – Alexander Dichkovskii (FTC)


At 14 of November at the Republican Palace of Trade Union Culture a scholarship award from the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus to the active students of the trade union within the framework of the Republican Student Union Forum called “ Students autumn – 2018” took place.