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Autobahn speed limit “would save 140 lives”


Data analysis by Der Spiegel, a German news magazine and website, has concluded that a speed limit applied across all German motorways would save 140 lives a year.

The autobahn debate was sparked again in Germany last month after a 130 km/h motorway speed limit was one of a number of measures recommended by a Government commission looking at how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector.

Updated Euro NCAP tests reveal advances in traffic sign recognition technology


Euro NCAP data from 2018 show that camera-based traffic sign recognition systems have advanced and were fitted as standard equipment to nearly all new vehicle models tested in 2018. Most of these systems are now able to function under conditional circumstances such as when a lower limit applies in rainy conditions e.g. on French motorways.

3rd International Scientific Conference «Ethnology: Exploring the Past and the Present» April 11–13, 2019


Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to inform you that the 3rd interdisciplinary International Scientific Conference «Ethnology: Exploring the Past and the Present» organized on the initiative of the 2nd English Department of the Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) will be held in Minsk, Belarus, in April 11–13, 2019.

The Conference aspires to provide an interdisciplinary event for sharing both theoretical and empirical findings, as well as pedagogical practices on the broad topic of Ethnology knowledge and research.



This course is given by the Department of Technology and Society at Lund University and aims to educate professionals within the field of Road Traffic Safety.

Traditionally, road safety is measured as a number of accidents happened or number of people injured in traffic. However, accidents are often under-reported, the available records have very limited description of what exactly happened and it is also necessary to wait for long time (several years) before sufficient for safety analysis amount of accidents is collected.