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Come on guys!


On 27th of February 2019 the sport event “Come on guys!” was held at the dormitory №17 at the FTC. This event held to celebrate the Day of Defender of the Fatherland and this event has become a great tradition of our faculty.

The performance of the best voice of our faculty (Shurigin Oleg) and the graduated student (Oleg Fomin) has brought the warm emotions to the event. And, of course, an event like that could not go well without an army song with a guitar, which was presented with talent by the freshmen of the faculty Gaiduk Artem.

FTC pin-pong tournament for gifts from the dean of the faculty


At 24 of March, “FTC pin-pong tournament for gifts from the dean of the faculty” which was organized by dean and the active of the faculty took place at the BNTU dormitory №17.

The students and dean of the FTC Kravchenko Sergei Egorovich took an active part in the tournament. In addition, there was a honorary participant of the tournament Grechuhin Vladimir Alexandrovich – head of department “Bridges and tunnels”.

Brainstorm – an intellectual game (FTC, 2019)


A15 of March an intellectual game “Brainstorm” organized by trade union of FTC students for the first time took place at the FTC in the co-working of the National Library of BNTU.

There were six teams participated for the title of being the smartest.

Excursion for the students of the “Bridges and tunnels” department to the metro station “Ybileinaya”


At 12 of March the excursion to the metro station, Ybileinaya (Minsk) for the students of fourth course of the “Bridges and tunnels” department was held.

Nowadays the metro station Ybileinaya is in the final stages of the construction of the main supporting structures and is one of the transfer hubs of the 3rd line of Minsk metro.