Republican Institute of Innovative Technologies

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Republican Institute of Innovative Technologies
RIIT Offers Training for Foreign Specialists


The Republican Institute of Innovative Technologies (RIIT) was founded in 2001 after the Republican Educational Center was reorganized into the Institute for Personnel Retraining. It provides training to the employees of the institutions under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, which is financed by the state budget. Every year about 3000 people are educated in RIIT.

The Institute consists of four academic departments: "Technologies of Engineering Education", "Engineering Pedagogy and Psychology", "Information Technologies", "Innovation Management", and three supporting departments: "Educational and Methodological Support", "Research and Methodological Support", and "Information Support".

The main advanced study programs focus on pedagogical skills and innovative educational technologies, information technologies in education, innovation management in professional activity, organizing and carrying out operations in transport sector, metallurgical production, civil engineering, and other sectors of the national economy.

The institute provides retraining opportunities for graduates in the following specialties: Educational Activity of Experts; Management in Professional Education; Software Information Systems; Innovative Management; Logistics; Energy Management; Economics and Management in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; Economy in Foreign Trade Activities; Certification and Quality Management. In 2010 RIIT developed new curricula: Steam Turbine Installations of Nuclear Power Plants: Quality Management; Intellectual Property Management; Organization and Maintenance of Road Transport; Metallurgical Manufacture and Material Processing; Foundry manufacture of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals.

The Institute organizes internship for specialists of the BNTU and other education establishments of the country. The BNTU academic staff, scholars of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, foreign experts, and specialists from other universities are involved in training process.

The Institute conducts research in the country’s priority areas, and holds international and national conferences, seminars and schools. 


Specialist in organizing and providing training for engineering, research, and academic personnel. One of the co-founders and the first Head of the BNTU Department of Standardization, Metrology and Information Systems.

Research interests: metrological support of geometrical measurements of machinery parts, development of special measurement instruments for machinery.

Publication activity: over 300 publications, including 4 monographs and 12 manuals approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.

Dr. Solomakho is the developed a number of national and international standards and established a scientific school.

1 DSc, 5 PhD, 3 master's theses were defended under his supervision.

Dr. Solomakho is the Chairman of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus

Director of the Institute
Vladimir L. Solomakho
Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor
phone (+375 17) 285 41 69

Scientific interests: history of Belarus, culture, education, and teaching methodology.

Publication activity: 100 scientific, educational, and methodological materials have been published.

Deputy Director forAcademic Activity
Konstantin I. Balandin
PhD (History), Associate Professor
phone (+375 17) 296 29 86

State Prize Laureate (Science and Technology); expert and auditor in Quality Management Systems.

Scientific interests: calculations, simulation, testing and improving strength reliability for machinery structures.

Publication activity: over 200 scientific, educational and methodological publications, including 5 monographs, 18 brochures; 28 patents.

Deputy Director for Research
Anton A. Rakitsky
PhD (Engineering), Associate Professor
phone (+375 17) 296 34 77