Palestinian Culture Center


Head of the Center is Mirvat Abu Shaker, BNTU PhD

Address: 65 Nezavisimosty Ave., Main building, room 429, Minsk, Belarus, 220013


Main Tasks and Objectives of the Center

  • Consolidation and promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between students;
  • Consolidation of cultural communication in order to popularize Palestinian culture. Organization of festivals, song contests and charity events;
  • Development of creative potential of Belarusian and Palestinian students;
  • Consolidation of international communication between the BNTU and international education and scientific organizations of Palestine.


Collaborating with Belarusian and Palestinian partners, the Center has arranged the following events:

  • Palestinian Culture Days (the event was arranged in cooperation with the Embassy of Palestine in the Republic of Belarus);
  • Workshop on Palestine cuisine;
  • Participation in International Easter Exhibition "Joy of Easter";
  • Organization of charity events in Belarusian schools and orphanages "On the Way to Goodwill".