MIPK&PK Graduates Awarded Diplomas

Another group of students successfully completed the retraining course in industrial and civil engineering and was awarded respective diplomas.

Ivan I. Neverovich, Dean of the Faculty of Construction and Real Estate, PhD in Engineering, opened the Award Ceremony.

"Congratulations on this important event in your life. Retraining is not a simple matter when you have to combine work, family responsibilities, and studies. You have successfully overcome all the difficulties, and today get the diplomas. Trying to take you to this great event, we sought to ensure that every student could develop their abilities as much as possible and learn how to effectively solve professional problems. Looking forward to seeing you again in our institute, both in professional development courses in your fields of expertise and in such called for courses as "BIM-technology in design" and "Design of building structures according to European standards. Our lecturers are ready to equip all the interested persons with relevant knowledge for a successful career."

MIPK&PK lecturers expressed their parting wishes as well.

Vadim V. Bondar, Head of the Department of Construction and Operation of Buildings and Structures, stated, "Nice to see you in another capacity, that of qualified specialists. I wish you to successfully use this knowledge! Good luck in your career and career advancement."

Anatoly S. Statsenko, Professor, PhD in Engineering, continued, "We really admire you for the work you’ve done over these two years! We hope that we have provided you with solid knowledge, and this knowledge, along with your dedication and diligence, will make you top-class specialists".

MIPK&PK Graduates Awarded Diplomas

Mr. and Mrs. Semenikhin shared their opinions about teaching upon obtaining their diplomas, "We came here with different intentions and ambitions, with different ideas, but we got a lot of knowledge. We learned what is limit state, destruction zone, Eurocode and Euro-renovation; we made calculations, designed pipelines of engineering systems. We have significantly improved our knowledge in the field of construction, we have mastered the technology of building production, organization and planning; we now fully understand the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus. We are sure that such meaningful retraining will soon give positive results both to the graduates and the industry. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the lecturer of the BNTU MIPK&PK, who have the necessary qualifications and practical experience, as well as the ability and desire to teach".

MIPK&PK Graduates Awarded Diplomas 

We wholeheartedly congratulate the graduates on obtaining construction engineer qualification in the speciality "Industrial and Civil Engineering".

We will gladly welcome everyone who wishes to improve their skills!

MIPK&PK Graduates Awarded Diplomas