Master’s Studies at MTF

Master’s Studies at MTF

What is a Master's degree program at the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology (MTF)? 

A Master's degree program is the second stage of multi-level system of higher education. It provides a deeper study in the focus subject area, research work on the chosen topic, and preparation to defense of the Master's thesis.

The benefits of Master's studies: 

  1. Educational approach focused on the individual needs of each student. Here learning is a process of knowledge building, which takes into account the peculiarities of every student's perception;
  2. Possibility to engage in research activities under the guidance of a specialist;
  3. Acquisition of teaching experience;
  4. Successful graduates may proceed to PhD studies;
  5. A Master's diploma granted upon graduation;
  6. A Master's degree provides significant advantages in subsequent employment. 

Features of Master's degree programs 

A Master's degree program aims at the development of analytical thinking, certain personal qualities, and research competence in the professional sphere. Master's programs foster the ability to solve large-scale innovative problems, skills of independent information search, commitment to making discoveries, and success in your chosen field. 

The Faculty of Mechanics and Technology offers the following Master's programs:

  • 1-42 81 01 Metallurgical Technologies of Improving Competitiveness of Products

Degree: Мaster of Engineering and Technology

  • 1-36 80 04 Construction Materials Processing in Machinery Manufacturing

Degree: Master of Science in Engineering

  • 1-42 80 01 Metallurgy

Degree: Master of Science in Technology


We gladly invite you to take up a Master's program at the BNTU Faculty of Mechanics and Technology.