The internship at Siemens

In the period from 12.03.2017 to 15.04.2017 I made an internship abroad. The inernship place is located in the Frankenthal city (the land of the Rhine-Pfalz) in the south-west of Germany.

The townspeople is about 50 000 people. This is a small city, but comfortable for living. Not far from this city located Mannheim city – the second largest after Stuttgart in the Baden-Württemberg land. There are large and well-known universities in the world located in this city: Mannheim School of Business, University of Applied Management Studies, University of Applied Sciences, University of Music and Performing Arts. Mannheim is the center of student life nearby Frankenthal.

There are some large industrial enterprises in Frankenthal. Among them are KSB (the world-known manufacturer of pump equipment and fittings), the Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment GmbH, where I made an internship. The main product range is modular steam turbines from 45 kW to 12 MW for a drive of various mechanisms (compressors, generators, pumps), compressor units capacity to 10 MW.

The factory was founded company KK&K (Kühle, Kopp & Kausch). The date of foundation is considered to be 1899. Then three family companies have started to maintain a common activity.

Since 2006, the company has the official name Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment.

Now the factory is working in the areas of manufacturing and subsequent assembly of modular steam turbines, scientific researches and development, sales and commercial offers.

The photograph shows the territory of the plant with production and administrative premises.

The internship at Siemens

Before the trip the special plan of internship in following directions has been developed for me and confirmed by the Federal Agency for Employment of Germany:

  • Sales of steam turbines;
  • Commercial support of contracts and management;
  • Production cycle;
  • Designing of steam turbines (thermodynamic and mechanical calculations);
  • Engineering (development of the drawing documentation);
  • Systems of regulation and control of steam turbines;
  • Planning of manufacture and manufacturing process;
  • Installation of steam turbines and packaging for further transportation.

In each direction a responsible employee was appointed, from whom all the necessary information could be obtained during the entire stay. The employees of the company have always been friendly and helpful. Always with full devotion answered the questions put by me.

Before me there was the task to get acquainted with the main types of steam turbines.

All turbines are constructed on a modular principle. Each separate unit consists of a turbine and a gearbox. Thanks to it there is possibility of connection of several units to one.

In drawing are presented parameters of steam and the power range for each type of turbines:

Drawing 1 – Types of steam turbines and their characteristicDrawing 1 – Types of steam turbines and their characteristic

During the passage of internship I had the opportunity to study in detail the design of modern modular steam turbines. This information played a big role in my training as on my speciality theoretical bases are studied only. And during the passage of industrial internships at the operating objects of the Belarusian energy system it is very rarely given the opportunity to see the construction of the main components of the equipment, which is extremely important for a modern engineer.

I sought the processes of manufacturing the main components of a steam turbine: a frame with oil-tank, a casing, a turbine rotor, a turbine wheel, a stop and control valves, a nozzle groups, a drainage system, a gearbox casing, a driven transmission shaft, control panels, etc.

For all stages of manufacture a high level of automation of manufacture and the use of special software complexes for performing labor-consuming calculations are defined.

The factory has its own training center for training specialists who service equipment in operation. There is a museum in this center. It presents the main stages of development of steam turbines produced at different times. The exhibits have special cuts for a detailed studying of a principle of work of this or that steam turbine. Stands on the management of steam turbines are presented in detail. From the point of view of the educational process for BNTU it would be useful to have, for example, laboratories with existing facilities, so that students can in practice consolidate their theoretical knowledge.

In the photo near to me it is of museum exhibits.

The internship at Siemens

During the internship I participated in several official meetings. Their subjects have been devoted to the following directions.

The first meeting has taken place in the form of a meeting, which passed with employees of department of sales of the company. Each participant of the meeting had to comment on the projects: at what stage the project is located, what difficulties and problems there are, proposals and concrete ways of the decision of problems. The meeting report was conducted in electronic form in the specialized program.

The second meeting was a telephone conference with the customer, on which problem questions of financing were solved, packings, deliveries of the concrete equipment under the project, and the future projects were discussed.

The third meeting was with the assistance of projects-managers of the company and direct customers. The main goal: to spend an excursion through the territory of the enterprise; to conduct mechanical tests of the steam turbine of the customer with sign up of the subsequent report which subscribes both parties; discussion and the decision of problem questions of the customer directly with the supplier during a meeting.

Thanks to this internship students have a possibility to get acquainted with process of the organization of work at the enterprise abroad. Real possibility on discharge of duties according to a post is given to probationers. For example, the basic duties of students-probationers in department of sales are: business correspondence with customers by e-mail, preparation of offers to the customer with contract drawing up (preparation includes preliminary constructive calculation and cost accounting according to standard item with use of specialized program complexes on initial data of the customer), preparation of presentations for new customers.

Also during internship I spent my free time with profit at the weekend. Sometimes I went to the pool, sometimes I spent time with my colleagues over a cup of coffee. And once I organized for myself a cultural holiday in the form of a tourist tour to Switzerland. In Germany this is a very popular type of recreation and quite affordable for the price category even for students.

I visited such cities as Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Montreux, Vevey.

Here I am in Zurich cityHere I am in Zurich city.

Lucerne cityLucerne city

On this photo is presented one of the main sights of Bern – clock tower Zitlogge.

clock tower Zitlogge

I am satisfied with the internship and think that I have achieved all goals set for myself in terms of the educational process and life experience.

Vladimir Beglyak,
The undergraduate student of the department of Industrial Power and Heat Engineering