Information Technologies


Address: Partizansky Ave., 77, Minsk, Belarus, 221107

Phone: (+375 17) 295-74-57



Academic activities include:

1. Refresher courses (use of information technologies in the educational system).

2. Retraining in specialities.

3. Training for engineering and pedagogical staff.

Refresher courses

The department provides the following professional development courses to employees of vocational and professional engineering education sector:

  • Strategy and ttechnology of academic reading and writing;
  • Webinars organization technology;
  • Technology of developing and storing electronic materials in the field of education;
  • Information and computer technology in education and research

Research areas:

  • Development of multimedia training courses;
  • Development of multimedia applications;
  • Web design and computer graphics;
  • Information technologies for office record-keeping;
  • Information and computer technologies in education and research;
  • Automation of workflow processes;
  • Database management systems;
  • E-learning in education;
  • Information and computer support in professional activity (by field).

Retraining opportunities

Retraining is currently provided by the Department in the following specialties:

1. "Software Automated Library Information Systems"(qualification: Software engineer);

2. "Applied Informatics" (qualification: Informatician-programmer);

3. "Information Technology in Distance Learning" (Qualification: Distance learning specialist);

Internship opportunities

The Department of Information Technologies offers academic engineering staff the opportunity to review complex issues of information technology application in professional activities:

  • Technology of organizing and conducting webinars;
  • Internet resources for education: peculiarities of professional data search;
  • Bibliography for research papers, use of electronic resources in academic writings;
  • Drafting and using electronic individual work plan;
  • Drafting and using electronic workload sheets;
  • Record and analysis of staff workload at the department;
  • Computer testing, testing software;
  • Guidelines for developing tests;
  • Development of electronic teaching and reference materials;
  • Development of electronic lecture notes and teaching materials for practical and laboratory classes;
  • Development of effective multimedia presentations, etc.


Information Technology Department was established in 2002 with the aim of providing refresher and retraining courses for university graduates and senior students of higher educational institutions. Training is carried out in various areas of information technology.

In 2016-2020, the Department carries out budget-funded Research Program "Development of Electronic Educational Resources for Distance Learning within the Refresher Training and Retraining System".

Employees of the Department are actively involved in scientific activities. A number of scientific and methodical publications are approved as standard by the Ministry of Education of The Republic of Belarus. 17 computer programs developed by the Department’s employees have state registration numbers. Employees of the Department participate in international conferences in Belarus and abroad.



Courses: Java Programming, Programming and Technical Support for Automated Library and Information Systems, Application Software Development Technology, Computer Math Modeling Packages, Computer Graphics, Math Modeling.

Research interests: Computer simulation, information and software in organization and management of the educational process.

Recent Publications:

1. Sidorik, V.V. Assessment in adult education: a written exam as a motivational training and development tool [Text] / I. B. Strelkova, V. V. Sidorik. - // Professional education. - 2014. – No 1. - P. 23-29.

2. Sidorik, V.V. Computer networks. Information security and the preservation of information [Text] / V. A. Ganja, V. V. Sidorik, O. I. Chichko. - Minsk: BSUIR, 2014. - 128 p.

3. Sidorik, V.V. Electronic teaching materials development technology [Text] / V. V.  Sidorik, I.  B. Strelkova, L. I. Molchina. - Minsk: Belarusian National Technical University, 2015. - 69 p.

Valery V. Sidorik

Head of Department,

PhD (Physics and Mathematics),

Associate Professor



Courses: Physics, Nanotechnologies as an Innovation Constituent in Information and Program Provision of Teaching Process in Physics in Higher Educational Establishments, Introduction to Optical Spectroscopy of Organic Molecules, Accumulation of Single Molecules to Nanostructures.

Research interests: Structure and energy relaxation dynamics in nanoassemblies of various nature (multiporphyrin systems, aggregates, porphyrin nanotubes, semiconductor quantum dots, and quantum dot-dye molecules nanocomplexes).
Recent Publications:

1. E.I. Zenkevich, G.F. Smirnova, M.S. Sergeeva-Nekrasova. Mechanics and Electromagnetism. Algorithms of problems solution. (manual). Minsk, Belarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, ISBN978-985-543-140-5. 2015, 160 pages.
2. E. Zenkevich, A. Stupak, C. Göhler, C. Krasselt, C. von Borczyskowski. Tuning Electronic States of a CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dot by Only One Functional Dye Molecule. - ACS NANO (2015) Vol. 9, No 3, P. 2886-2903.
3. Eduard Zenkevich, Christian von Borczyskowski. Surface Photochemistry of Quantum Dot-Porphyrin Nanoassemblies for Singlet Oxygen Generation. In “Photoinduced Processes at Surfaces and in Nanomaterials” ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 1196 (D. Kilin, Ed.) Copyright © 2015 American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, Chapter 12, pp 235–272.

Eduard I. Zenkevich

PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Professor



Courses: Algorithms and Data Structures, Software Packages Applications, Information and Computer Technologies in the Education and Research, Automation of Documents Management Processes, Technology for Development and Storage of Electronic Materials in Education, Information and Computer Support of Professional  Activities, Computer Testing, Statistical Analysis and Computer Processing of the Experimental Data.

Research interests: Cloud technology in training and retraining system.

Recent Publications:

1. Chychko, O.I. The technology of development of electronic documents [Text] VV Sidorik, V.V. Melnichenko ,A.V Manyukevich, O.I /: training manual for students of refresher courses in the specialty "Automation of Document Management of Processes." - Minsk: Belarusian National Technical University, 2014. - 78 p.

2. Chychko, O.I. Ways of system analysis of the metal movement in gating systems based on numerical solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations [Text] / S. D. Lihouzov, A. A. Chychko, O.I. Chychko. - // Casting and Metallurgy (CAD). - 2014. - № 1. - P. 43-47.

3. Chychko, O.I. Numerical modeling of the process of iron flow in gating system and vacuum-tape molding . [Text] / S. D. Lihouzov, A. A. Chychko, O.I. Chychko. - // Casting and Metallurgy (CAD). - 2014. - № 4. - P. 58-62.

Volha I. Chychko

PhD (Engineering),

Associate Professor



Courses: Information Technologies, Programming (C#, Java), Web Application Development, Multimedia Development.

Research interests: Information technologies, programming, web application development.

Recent Publications:

1. Computer Science 10. / H.Zabarouski, A.Puptsau. Minsk: ИЫГ BSU Publishing Centre, 2011. 151 p.

2. Computer Science 11. / H.Zabarouski, A.Puptsau. Minsk: Nar. asveta, 2010. 150 p.

3. Zabarouski H.A. Learning object-oriented programming in the Pascal ABC environment. //Vesti BSPU, ser.3, 2015, No 2, p.47-50.

Heorhi A. Zabarouski

PhD (Physics and Mathematics),

Associate Professor



Courses: Models of Data and Database Management Systems, Technology and Standards Development of Electronic Documents and Applications, Web Design and Web Development, Automation of Processes of Document Flow, Web Design and Computer Graphics, Technology of Development and Storage of Electronic Materials in Education. Information and Computer Technologies in Education and Research, Information and Computer Support of Professional Activity, Databases and Internet Technologies, Technology of Development of Electronic Educational and Methodical Complexes.

Research interests: Cloud technology in training and retraining system.

Recent Publications:

1. Molchyna, L. Technology of developing multimedia applications  [Text] / V. Sidorik, L. Molchyna, A. Manyukevich, V.·Melnichenko, V. Odinochko, I. Ostapenko: manual for students of refresher and retraining courses. – Minsk: BNTU, 2013. – 108 p.

2. Molchyna, L. Technology of developing electronic educational and methodical complexes •• [Text] / V. Sidorik, I. Strelkova, L. Molchyna: training and methodical guide for teachers and students of refresher and retraining courses – Minsk: BNTU, 2014. – 69 p.

3. Molchyna, L. Use of an electronic educational and methodical complex in educational process. –//Innovations in system of continuous technical education: proceedings of the National Scientific and practical Conference, Minsk, BNTU, May 29-30, 2014 –
p. 85-86.

Liudmila I. Molchyna

Senior Lecturer



Courses: Multimedia and Cloud technologies in education, Electronic Libraries, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems, Data Security, Computer Networks.

Research interests: e-Learning, multimedia and cloud technologies in education, library automation, android programming.

Recent Publications:

1. Kutovenko, A. Professional Internet Search. - Saint Petersburg: Piter, 2011. – 256 p.

2. Kutovenko, A. To learn by Internet // Mir PK. - 2012. - № 8. – p. 46 – 48.

3. Kutovenko, A. Distant Learning System as the specific field of library information activity // Belarussian State University of Culture and Arts Bulletin. – 2013. – №1. – p. 103-110.

Aliaksei A. Kutavenka

Senior Lecturer



Courses: Data Algorithms and Structures, Web Design and Computer Graphics, Technology for Development and Storage of Electronic Materials in Education.

Research interests: Development of software and hardware for biomechanical diagnostics and monitoring of cardiovascular system to evaluate its functional state and identify prenosological states. Specialized techniques for estimating functional state of cardiovascular system of athletes.

Recent Publications:

1. Borisenko, M.V. Fundamentals of creating and processing graphic images in Adobe Photoshop [Text] / T.A. Goldobina, M.V. Borisenko: textbook: in 2 p. DE RB, BelSUT, 2013. – P. 2. – 52 p.

2. Borisenko, M.V. Mathematical model and software for biomechanical monitoring of cardiovascular system / S.V. Shilko, Yu.G. Kuzminsky, M.V. Borisenko // Problems of physics, mathematics and technics. – GSU. – 2011. No. 3. – P. 104–112.

3. Borisenko, M. Statistical processing and prediction of sports results by “MATHCAD” / A. Keizer, A. Skripko, V. Osyanin, E. Zadorozhnyuk, M. Borisenko // Vedecké práce KSSaP 2015 / Researchs papers DSS and C 2015 // Univerzita sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Trnave, 2015.– P. 117−131.

Maryna V. Barysenka

Senior Lecturer



Courses: Computer Science, Web Design and Computer Graphics, Technologies and Standards of Development of Electronic Documents and Applications, Technology of Development and Storage of Electronic Materials in Education.

Research interests: Development of control and measuring materials for electronic tutorials.

Recent Publications:

1. Litvinovich T.N. Basics of working with MS Office 2010 package: laboratory practical work. - Ministry of Transport and Communications of RB: BGUT, 2015. - 44 p.

2. Litvinovich T.N. Solving Problems in MathCad: laboratory practical work. - MORB: БелГУТ, 2011. - 125 p.

3. Litvinovich T.N. "Use of interactive programs for practical training at advanced training courses"//proceedings of the 13th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Science for Education, Production, and Economy". Minsk. BNTU RIIT. 2015. - p. 269.

Tatsiana N. Litvinovich

Senior Lecturer



Courses: Application Software Development Technology, Programming (Java, VB), Data Algorithms and Structures.

Research interests: Information technologies, programming.

Recent Publications:

1. O. Bolbot, E. Klimkina. Computer technology office. Part 1. – M. BCU, 2014, 118 p.

2. O. Bolbot, V. Sidorik. Methods of studying the discipline "Programming" in distance learning. // 13th International Scientific and Technical Conference "Science for Education, Production, and Economy. – M. BNTU, 2015, p. 252.

3. O. Bolbot, V. Sidorik. Application of project method for the study of the discipline “Application Software Development Technology”. // Information Technology in Education, Science and Production: proceedings of the 3rd International Scientific and Technical Internet Conference. . – M. BNTU, 2015.

Olga M. Bolbot

Senior Lecturer