Engineering Pedagogy and Psychology


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The Department was established in 2001 with the aim of offering refresher and retraining courses for specialists in engineering and pedagogy. The Department provides advanced training and retraining in psychology and pedagogy.


Professional development opportunities:

Pedagogical skills and modern educational technologies

The ideology of the Belarusian state and innovative education

Modern pedagogy: traditions and innovations

Pedagogical foundations of scientific and methodical work in educational institutions: contents and organization



Developing system technologies for adult education.



1-08 01 71 - Educational Activity of Experts

1-08 01 74 - Modern Educational Technologies at University Level


Perspective directions:

Organization and extension of the range of educational services provided on a fee basis




Research interests: System methodology. Developed invariant models of human mental development.

Recent Publications:

1. Prakopchyk-Haiko I.L. Professional development of the person: methodological aspect. Lecture notes.// I.L.Prakopchyk-Haiko, Minsk: Publishing house of  BNTU,  2015. – 66 p.

2. Prakopchyk-Haiko I.L. The strategy of self-knowledge and personal development based on the systemic cognitive technologies // Bulletin VEGU (Russia, Ufa), 2013, № 4, pp. 64-72.

3. Prakopchyk-Haiko I.L. About psycho-educational approach to health problems // Bulletin VEGU, 2016,  No. 1 (81), pp. 126 - 134.

4. Kikel P.V., Prakopchyk-Haiko I.L. Methodological education. A series of "Higher education" study guide. - Minsk: "Law and Economics", 2015. 330 pp. 

Irina L. Prakopchyk-Haiko

Head of Department, PhD (Pedagogy),

Associate Professor



Courses: Pedagogy, history of pedagogy, Educational technologies.

Research interests: the realization of person-oriented approach in education.

Recent Publications:

1. The creative approach in a personality forming within the framework of cross-cultural education// The  materials of the 9th International scientific-practical conference «Technoedu - 2013». - Hrodno: HrSU 2013. V.- 2.-p.121- 123.

2. Contemporary school: problems of learners moral education // Upbringing and additional education.- 2015.- № 3.-pС.4-9.

3. Personality-centered paradigm as methodological basis of new approaches in educational process.  //  The  materials of the 13-th  International scientific technological conference «Science -  to education, production, economics»  . - Minsk : BNTU, 2015. - V.- 4.- p. 267.

4. Health caring technologies in the system of future specialist training. / L.I. Liasun Healthy lifestyle -2014.- № 4.-p.24- 31.

Liudmila I. Liasun

PhD (Pedagogy), Associate Professor



Courses: Ideology of Belarusian state; Methodology of pedagogical research.

Research interests: mathematization of education.

Recent Publications:

1. Kikel P.V. Harmony being. Minsk: "Law and Economics", 2015 - 318 p.

2. Kikel P.V., Prakopchyk-Haiko I.L. Methodological education. A series of "Higher education" study guide. - Minsk: "Law and Economics", 2015. 330 p.

3. Kikel P.V., Voytekhovsky A.V. "Some aspects of the process of humanization in management activity" // Higher school. -. 2015- № 3. – p. 25-29.

4. Kikel P.V., Soroko E.M. "Epistemology at break times: sistemotsentrizm VERSUS logic-centrism" // Philosophical Investigations. Issue 2, Minsk: "Belarusian Navuka" 2015, p. 191-208.

Pavel V. Kikel

Doctor of Science (Philosophy), Professor



Courses: General Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology.

Research interests: Sport psychology, psychology of abilities, including abilities for foreign languages.

Recent Publications:

1. Marischuk L. V. Akmeology of physical culture and sport: manual/ V. L. Marischuk, L. V. Marischuk.– Saint-Petersburg: Military Institute of Physical culture, 2008. – 363 p.

2. Marischuk L. V. About pedagogical and didactical technologies / L. V. Marischuk, A.A.Bykova// Psychological accompaniment of Educational Process: collected articles. – Minsk: Republican Institute of Professional Education.– 2013.– P.11-19.

3.Marischuk L. V. Memorizing: psychological conditions of activation: monograph/ L. V. Marischuk, S.G.Ivashko. – Minsk: Republican Institute of High School, 2014. – 202 p.

Liudmila V. Marischuk

Doctor of Science (Psychology), Professor



Courses: Fundamentals of Belarusian state ideology, Culture of speech, Professional culture of a teacher.

Research interests: theory and history of culture, legal ethics, philosophy of creativity, philosophy of myth.

Recent Publications:

1. Мartysiuk Pаvеl. The idea of progress in European culture : the formation and evolution : monograph / P. G. Martysiuk; edited by A. I. Verevkina. – Minsk: Akad. THE MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS, 1998. – 111 р.

2. Мartysiuk Pаvеl. The mythological idea of eternal return in culture / P. G. Martysiuk ; ed. V. Suprunchuk. - Minsk : Education i education, 2004. – 288 p.

3. Мartysiuk Pаvеl. Calendar holidays as an element of national identity of the Eastern Slavs / P. G. Martysiuk // Semiosis and culture: the labyrinths of meaning / under the General editorship of I. E. Fadeeva, A. V. Sulimova. - Syktyvkar: Komi Pedagogical Institute, 2012. – S. 189-206.

Pavel G. Martysiuk

Doctor of Science (Philosophy), Professor



Courses: Psychology of giftedness, developmental psychology, history of psychology.

Recent Publications:

1. Barayeva, Y. I. Developmental psychology: themes and comments. Minsk, RIHS. 2005.–130 p.

2. Barayeva, Y. I. Gifted students psychodiagnostic and creative teacher. Minsk,MGRIDE. 2005. – 128 p.

3. Barayeva, Y. I. Pedagogical practice. Minsk, RIHS 2007.–128 p.

Eugenia I. Baraeva

PhD (Psychology), Associate Professor



Courses: Comparative education, Educational innovations.

Recent Publications:

History of Psychology: teaching methodical complex. 3 edition, revised and enlarged / Compiled by R.V. Petrunnikova. - Minsk: Publisher MIU, 2009. - 236 p.

Raisa V. Petrunnikova

Senior Lecturer



Courses: Regulatory and legal maintenance of the educational system, Educational management, Fundamentals of the teaching profession.

Research interests: System of adult education techniques.

Recent Publications:

1. Parafiyanovich T.A., Yefimava H.A. Socio-pedagogical support for students and undergraduates: handbook for students of a specialty 1-08 January 01 01 "Vocational training" / T.A.Parafiyanovich, O.H.Kulik, H.A.Yefimava-Minsk: Minsk State Higher Radio Technical College, 2009-80 p.

2. Yefimava H.A. Influence of soft drugs on contemporary youth. Guidelines for the social monitoring / Minsk: 2009-15 p.

3. Yefimava H.A. Youth's exposure to harmful habits: Case Study / H.A.Yafimava.-Minsk: Minsk State Higher Radio Technical College, 2009, 7 p.

Halina A. Yefimava

Senior Lecturer