Training process for international students is supported by the International Cooperation Faculty.

Duration of study at the BNTU is 5 years that includes learning a speciality (engineering qualification). After getting qualification a student can continue his/her education at Master courses with duration of 1 year.

Training at the University is carried out on terms of contract basis.


 The list of specialities, Master and PhD courses is in Academic Information above.




For admission to the University an applicant must submit the following documents to the International Cooperation Faculty:

  • National Passport with Belarusian Entry Visa issued according to the specified procedure;
  • Original copy of education document with indication of studied subjects and obtained marks (grades);
  • Bachelor Diploma (for Postgraduate and Master Degree Courses);
  • Certificate of Preparatory Department Graduation;
  • Medical Certificate with health information about a person which gives evidence that the candidate does not have any contra­indications for training in Belarusian climatic conditions certified by an official health authority of the country sending him/her to study;
  • Application for Admission addressed to the Rector of the BNTU;
  • Standard Application Form;
  • 10 passport size photos